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All You Need To Know About Uterine Prolapse: What Is It, Complications And Treatment

Women often experience uterine prolapse, a condition in which muscles and ligaments around the uterus get weakened and sag out of position. Uterus basically separates the bladder from the rectum, and according to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, uterine prolapse can lead to several health issues to both organs, including pain and heaviness in the lower abdomen, constipation, and difficulty in passing urine.

Diwekar, who often shares important tips on health and fitness, shared in her latest post on Instagram information about uterine prolapse, what puts it at risk, and how one can support their uterus.

What puts women at the risk of uterine prolapse?

According to the expert, during menopause, women are most at risk of uterine prolapse, because they are weak around the pelvic floor and lower body. Other than this, age and giving birth are two other risk factors that contribute to uterine prolapse.

Posting the video, wherein she can be seen explaining the complication, Diwekar mentioned the exercises and foods beneficial for uterus health in the caption. She said that exercises like “cycling, squats, inversions, and kegel” and food items like “ragi and rajgeera, local berries, hung curd chutney, and kharvas” ensure good uterus health.

The nutritionist said that one should practice kegel exercises 5-10 times a day and do at least 5 squats daily. Apart from this, one can also practice the Brazilian fitness test. This is basically a sit and stand exercise, you have to first sit cross-legged on the floor, then get up and again sit down. Repeat the movement. The expert also suggested that women should do at least two days of strength training and two days of cycling, as the latter strengthens the lower body.

She stated that one should pay attention to their posture. “Make sure you stand straight and your front and back are parallel to each other,” Diwekar said.

In the video, she also highlighted the importance of rest for women. “Rest every afternoon for at least 20 minutes. It will allow for better hormonal balance, recovery, and health of the uterus,” Diwekar concluded the clip.

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