Friday, June 18, 2021
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Amir Jordan Gets Banished after Losing to Kenny Williams in No Disqualification Match

This week’s episode of NXT UK witnessed the banishment of Amir Jordan in the headline match against Kenny Williams, also on the show was a one-on-one match between Dave Mastiff and Ilja Dragunov. Additionally, Saxon Huxley clashed with Trent Seven of Moustache Mountain in an intense battle.

Here’s a look at results from Thursday’s episode:

Ilja Dragunov vs Dave Mastiff

In the opening bout, Ilja Dragunov charged straight at Dave Mastiff with a big boot.After exchanging strikes and attempting pinfalls, the match came to a sudden halt when Dragunov struck Mastiff in the nose with a vicious elbow strike. He then jumped on his back and hit couple of more elbow strikes before Mastiff dumped him down to the mat. But, the referee caught a glimpse of Mastiff’s injury and called for the bell.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov via referee stoppage

Supernova Sessions on NXT UK

Noam Dar making his maiden appearance was joined by Sha Samuels. He greeted the NXT UK Universe while introducing Nathan Fraser as his guest. Fraser discussed developing his wrestling style in NXT UK. He wasinterrupted by Samuels who proclaimed that Fraser is not a “true British wrestler,” and dubbedhim a fraud.

Saxon Huxley vs Trent Seven

In a surprise accomplishment, Trent Seven picked up a win against the dangerous Saxon Huxley. He brushed past being ridiculed by Sam Gradwell of the Tron from the sidelines by folding Huxley with a snap dragon suplex and drubbing him with the Seven Stars Lariat to earn the win.

Winner: Trent Seven via pinfall

Amir Jordan vs Kenny Williams

The main event of the NXT UK was the high stakes match between Jordan and Williams in a No Disqualification Loser being forced to leave the brand. The barbaric match saw Williams mauling Jordan’s already injured shoulder with savage kicks and even spraying his eyes with a fire extinguisher and back suplexing him through a table. Jordan responded by suplexing his former ally on the exposed ringside concrete and repetitively slamming Williams’ face into a steel chair. However, in the end, Williams earned the win after dropping Jordan onto the exposed steel turnbuckle and driving him face-first into a steel chair

Winner: Kenny Williams by pinfall

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