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Bigg Boss 15 Day 104 written updates: Pratik Sehajpal wins ‘Ticket To Finale’ task, Devoleena gets punished for speaking in English

Karan Kundrra objects to Shamita Shetty’s ‘sanchalan’. Tejasswi Prakash said she was stupid to believe Shamita Shetty. Pratik Sehajpal again accuses Tejasswi of only believing in generating sympathy for herself in the game. Shamita tries to explain her point to Karan. 

Rashami Desai and Karan Kundrra strongly support Tejasswi Prakash. Shamita says Rakhi and Devoleena were already inside and Rakhi was the first person to hand over the cycle seat to Pratik. 

Shamita reminds Tejasswi that parts of her cycle are broke and she should attack Pratik’s cycle too. In return, Tejasswi trolls Shamita and asks her to play fair. Karan tells Rakhi that he will also break cycles. Pratik reminds Tejasswi that she has played unfair too during game. 

Bigg Boss says all the shopkeepers have last chance now. Tejasswi reeceives help from Karan. Pratik agains tries to break her cycle and Teja, while trying to save her cycle, gets into a physical tussle with him. 

Pratik again accuses Teja of hitting him with iron rods. He reminds her that she plays aggressively. Karan and Pratik start fighting. 

Shamita finally declares Pratik as the winner of the task saying Teja’s cycle is broken. Karan Kundrra picks Tejasswi up and gives her a hug. 

Karan says that Tejasswi’s bike fell 3-4 times. However, Shamita tells Karan not to play women card for Teja. Pratik earns the Ticket To Finale. Pratik thanks Rakhi, Devoleena and Nishant for their support during the game.

Bigg Boss asks Shamita Shetty that she including Rashami, Devoleena and Tejasswi have been regularly reprimanded for speaking in English in the house. Shamita takes Devoleena’s name. Bigg Boss punishes Devoleena and refrains her from talking till his next order. 

Karan Kundrra welcomes Pratik to VIP room. Teja tells Karan that Shamita told her that she did not take her name for speaking in English. They both share a laugh. Tejasswi Prakash says she is unfair everywhere.

Rashami Desai asks Bichukale why he did not play with her. She calls him ‘useless’, ‘dishonest’ and making excuses during game. 

Pratik and Teja have an argument. Pratik says Teja was happy seeing him injured. Karan tries to pacify them. 

At night, Rakhi Sawant tells Shamita Shetty that Raqesh Bapat must be going mad outside. Rakhi says Karan likes her and it is evident in his etiquettes. Rakhi says Karan must have tried on Shamita had he not started a thing with Tejasswi Prakash.

Teja tells Rakhi that Karan calls Shamita ‘didi’. Rakhi says she blushes on seeing him. Tejasswi says Karan cannot live without me. Karan later explains to Teja that Rakhi has been trying to create a rift between them by taking Shamita’s name and creating a love triangle. Karan says do you have expectations from me. He says ‘if you do not like it, back off’.

Karan brings Rakhi to clarify matters. He says she is upset and he cannot see her like this! Teja says she is upset as Karan Kundrra does not react firmly. Rakhi tells Devoleena that Karan took to her outside to make Teja explain. Rashami Desai says Tejasswi was insecure even of her. She also calmed down due to Umar Riaz. 

Rakhi Sawant says she is happy that she has won TTF with Karan Kundrra. Shamita Shetty tells Karan Kundrra that she is very disrespectful and says some nasty things.

Teja tells Karan that she cannot be a vamp in between and he is free to talk to Shamita if he wants. 

Bigg Boss announces new cooking task. Abhijeet, Rashami and KK win the brand task. 

Nishant tells Bichukale to wash the dishes. Nishant comes inside to guide in the washing dishes task. Pratik calls Teja stupid. Karan tells him not to call Teja stupid. At night, Tejasswi tells Karan not to jump in her fights. 

Rakhi says Pratik just wants fights and knows how to instigate them. Shamita tells Bichukale that he is a fighter-cock. He says I have no issues doing the dishes. Bichukale is given the task of sweeping the house. 

Rakhi also Pratik a hypocrite. Karan abuses Pratik.

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