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Bigg Boss 15 Day 115 written updates: Shamita Shetty is offended by Nishant, says Tejasswi pressed her buttons

The episode begins with Nishant Bhat dedicating some songs to housemates – ‘Mercy’ to Shamita Shetty, ‘Mere Angne Mein’ to Karan Kundrra and ‘Naam Bare Darshan Chote’ to Rashami Desai. 

Nishant said that he called Pratik self-centered because the conversation they used to have had always revolved around Shamita and Pratik. Nishant also defends himself on sacrificing his career in Bigg Boss on supporting Shamita Shetty. He also talked about his developing bond with Karan Kundrra who also said that he is proud of this friendship which has remained despite playing against each other. 

Nishant picked up the opportunity to tell one thing about Rakhi Sawant that he couldn’t say till date. He said that Rakhi should not use her words to demotivate someone because her one motivating word could mean a lot to others. 

Tejasswi argues that she has played alone and didn’t ask for anyone’s help. However, Rashami tells her that she has helped her in tasks and played together. Shamita and other housemates back Rashami. 

Shamita says that Tejasswi and Afsana have pressed her buttons by making personal attacks on her. She adds that she was offended by Nishant when he called her FAKE because no one in the outside world could give her that tag, because that’s how she is. 

Rashami said that she enjoyed a lot her stay in Bigg Boss 15 than Bigg Boss 13. She said that she didn’t like Devoleena’s approach towards her because she took her things in a different way, just like she saw her and Umar’s liking for each other. 

Rashami says that her honest vote will go for Shamita as the winner while her biased vote will go for Rakhi, because the amount of entertainment and contribution she has given to the show has been immense. 

Pratik said that he doesn’t feel love from Karan and he has always been tough with him. But he is glad that he was able to put forward his opinions in front of him despite having many fights with him. Pratik says that somewhere down the line he was hurt by Karan who then comes and hugs him. 

Rakhi questions Rashami for saying she does cheap entertainment. Rakhi tells Rashami that she is no one in front of her. Rakhi starts crying complaining that Rashami called her cheap entertainment. Rakhi and Rashami then hug it out and end their fight. 

Tejasswi questions Karan why he is always trying to prove her wrong by citing an example of her and Rashami’ s argument. 

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