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Biryani and more

With quick-service restaurants back in business, here’s a quick look at what’s growing popular in the city

Head to Kukatpally where Satti Babu Biryani, which opened this year, beckons with a bright yellow nameboard that you just cannot miss. The popularity of this takeaway is such that people queue up for almost 30 minutes just to place their order. The succulent chicken that comes with a heap of mildly-flavoured rice can range from medium to intense spiciness.

Look forwarded to some interesting combinations of meat cut preferences including chicken joint biryani, fry piece biryani, kaju chicken biryani, wings biryani, etcetera.

Satti Babu Biryani’s takeaway kiosk is opposite Metro Pillar #895, Kukatpally.

Bengaluru-origin and pocket-friendly Chickpet Donne Biryani sells donne biryani and has more than nine outlets across Hyderabad. The biryani here is served in large bowls made of dried palm leaves called donne, hence the name. The mildly-flavoured biryani uses chitti muthyalu rice, so do not expect fluffy rice here. The fastest selling dishes here are chicken biryani, donne chicken biryani combo (includes two extra servings of a chicken side dish), donne mutton biryani, mutton leg soup and Kshatriya chicken wings.

A lot of diners also enjoy dumping the chicken biryani in a serving of a mutton leg soup, making it their version of a soupy biryani.

Chickpet Donne Biryani outlets are in Attapur, Himayatnagar, Kondapur, Madhapur, S R Nagar, Trimulgherry, Miyapur, Manikonda and KPHB.

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