Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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COVID 19 Walk Test: The six-minute walk test to check your health status

The entire country is battling with the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. Around 4 lakh cases are being reported every day in the country along with the shortage of beds and oxygen, which has made the situation very tense.

Thus, it’s best to stay home and do not move out until absolutely necessary. Getting vaccinated is also important to keep yourself safe from catching the coronavirus infection.

While we all are taking our vitamins, eating healthy and exercising to keep our immunity up, we still need to be careful and watch out for symptoms and get ourselves tested, if needed.

In these tough times, the government is advising citizens to check the functioning of their lungs by taking a simple six-minute test. The Maharashtra government has directed the administration to create awareness about the 6-minute test that can be performed at home with people suffering from the symptoms of COVID-19.

As per the doctors, people who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus must check their oxygen levels using an oximeter at home. People can also take a six-minute walk test while putting an oximeter on their finger.

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