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e-Ashwa Opens New Multi-Brand EV Store In Goa

e-Ashwa was established in 2018, and has expanded its business into multiple categories in both electric two-wheeler and electric three-wheeler segments.

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e-Ashwa has rapidly expanded its dealership and assembly network across India

e-Ashwa Automobile, a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers and electric three-wheelers, has expanded its dealership network by opening a new multi-brand electric vehicle dealership in Goa. According to an announcement by the company, e-Ashwa has been launching 100-120 dealerships every month over the past three months. With the new dealership in Goa, the company says it has 590 dealerships across the country, and 550 of these dealerships were added in the post-COVID lockdown period after 2020.


The company has expanded its dealership network with more than 500 dealerships across India over the period of a year.

Speaking on e-Ashwa’s entry into Goa market, Vikas Gupta, CEO, e-Ashwa Automotive, said, “We are delighted to launch our first EV dealership store in Goa and hope that we have significant presence in the state in the next 2-3 years with sizeable dealership network. At e-Ashwa, we remain committed to providing access to sustainable and affordable electric mobility solutions and thereby aiming to bridge the last mile connectivity especially in smaller towns and cities along with providing livelihood opportunities for auto drivers and unemployed youths looking for sustained income to support their families.”


e-Ashwa Automotive started its manufacturing facility in June 2019 and launched its first dealership store in August 2019. Today it has a presence in 23 states and offers affordable EV products in both electric two-wheeler and electric three-wheeler segments. The company says it has assembly units across 19 states to support local dealers to meet customer demand within a short span of time. The company’s range of products include e-scooters, e-rickshaws, e-auto and e-loaders, catering to a diverse range of customers and business requirements.

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