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International Beer Day 2021: Say Cheers, 10 Reasons Why the Liquor Isn’t Bad For You

It’s celebration time for all the beer lovers in the world as the International Beer Day is here. The day is marked on the first Friday of August, which falls on August 6 this year. For those who love to have some liquor every now and then, summer is the perfect season for some chilled beer. However, apart from the little high and some happy memories with friends, beer also comes with a lot of health benefits. Here’s a look at some of them:

Longer lifespan

Moderate drinking is beneficial to your health, and beer is a wonderful choice for it. Everyone is aware that excessive drinking is harmful to one’s health. Drinking a lot can develop Esophageal cancer, cirrhosis, and other serious illnesses. However, medical data is increasingly indicating that not drinking at all is also harmful to your health. Moderate drinkers, according to multiple independent studies, live longer and better than drunks or teetotalers. Beer is ideal for moderate drinking because it contains less alcohol and has a higher volume than wine or spirits.

Reduced risk of heart disease

Moderate beer drinkers have a 20 to 40% lower risk of coronary artery disease, according to studies.

Increased memory

Hops’ antioxidants may protect brain cells from oxidation, reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. In the bottom of your pint glass, you’ll find one of medicine’s greatest mysteries.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Hops contain xanthohumol, a prenylated substance that is anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious. Basically, if you get a big laceration, pound lots of beer and you won’t get gangrene.

Development of strong bones

Silicon, vitamin B, and bioactive Polyphenols are all found in beer, and they’ve all been associated to bone formation.

Mad Nutrients

Beer has a lot of fibre and lipoprotein in it (HDL, which lowers cholesterol). Imagine those arteries cleaning out after a night of drinking because that’s exactly what’s occurring, right?

Less dehydration than booze

Everyone hates the next morning after drinking a lot, as hangover certainly kills the day. However, drinking the same amount of beer as compared to another hard drink may cause you less dehydration, with lesser chances of a bad hangover. However, please keep water by your side.

Anti-cancer properties

The most astounding beer-health connection is a flavonoid found only in hops called xanthohumol. Xanthohumol is known to be a powerful antioxidant that inhibits cancer-causing enzymes.

Low in calories

In comparison to other hard drinks, beer has a modest alcohol content. It contains only 4 to 6% alcohol by volume (ABV). However, the amount of alcohol in a beer varies depending on the brand. A pint of beer has 208 calories in it.

Removes kidney stones

If you have kidney stones, and drink alcohol, most of the doctors will advise you to swear by a pint of beer. It helps breaking your stones, urging you to pass them along with the urinal waste. However, please take doctor’s advise before consuming them.

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