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Ira Khan, Who Battled Depression, Says She Spoke to Her Mom Reena Dutta About ‘How I Felt’

Ira Khan, the daughter of Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and his first wife Reena Dutta, is known for being vocal about mental health on her social media platform. On Wednesday, the star kid teamed up with a non-profit organisation, Agatsu Foundation -which works towards making mental health more accessible to people. As part of the International Self-Care Day, which is celebrated on July 24, Agatsu has dedicated a self-care week where it is encouraging people to make five simple pinky promises to themselves to do one small activity each day.

Participating in the initiative, Ira shared some of the steps that she would take for her self-care on her Instagram Stories. One of the pinky promises that she made to herself was having more honest conversations with her mother Reena Dutta. Ira posted a picture on her Instagram Stories that showed her in the front seat of a car and her mother sitting at the back, as they both looked at the camera for the picture. Mentioning her pinky promise in this section of her Instagram Stories, Ira wrote, “I also talked to my mom about how I felt. And things that I usually have to type out because I cry too much to have these conversations in person.”

Ira’s other pinky promise mentioned how she would like to be more “uncharted.” The 24-year-old posted a picture with a man at what looked like a roadside eatery, with whom she engaged in a conversation about mental health and what he thought about it. Captioning the picture, Ira wrote, “Be uncharted, I asked a sweet man about his life and views on mental health.”

While another part of Ira’s Instagram Stories featured her selfie and a caption where she opened up about her experience of stepping out of the comfort zone. Ira wrote, “Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t always feel great, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything at all.” The star kid further mentioned in the caption, “You feel like it was anticlimactic. But it’s not supposed to be life changing. Most of the time, it’s a little step. And at the end of the day it’s the little things. Right?”

Are you inspired by Ira’s self-care steps?

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