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Kitchen Tips: 5 Easy Tips To Remember While Buying Mangoes

Let’s agree – mango is probably the only good thing about summers. We get different varieties of mangoes throughout the season and the mango mania continues till mid monsoon. But do you get the best mangoes every time you buy from a fruit seller? Probably not! Many of us often end up buying mangoes that are either unripe or squishy and over ripen. Mangoes are perfectly ripened when they are sweet, aromatic and have meaty texture. This brings up a question – how to buy perfect mangoes? Fret not, we have got you covered here. We curated a list of some simple tips and tricks that will help you buy perfect mangoes every single time. Let’s take a look.

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Here’re 5 Easy Hacks To Buy Perfect Mangoes:

1. The Aroma:

We often buy mangoes just by seeing the colour of the peel. But did you know it’s not the peel that matters! Instead, we should go by the aroma of mangoes – the more aromatic it is, the sweeter it tastes.

2. The Texture:

We understand, it is not possible to find the texture of a mango without cutting it. Which is why, always press the mangoes lightly before buying them. A ripe mango can be squeezed easily, unlike the unripe ones.

3. The Weight:

Ripe fruits are always heavier than the unripen ones. So, touch each mango before buying – if you feel it is heavy, then the mango is ready to be devoured.

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We have found you some easy hacks to identify the perfectly ripen mangoes

4. The Look:

In this case, go by your instinct. The plumpier the mangoes look, the tastier they are. Hence, we suggest, always go for the healthy-looking mangoes.

5. Avoid Carbide:

Several local fruit sellers often use carbide to ripen the mangoes faster. But this often takes away the taste and aroma of the fruit. So always smell the fruit to find out whether it has a sour or alcoholic aroma. If so, we suggest avoiding it.

Follow these steps and make the most of mangoes before the season ends!

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