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KKR Retention List IPL 2022: Russell, Chakravarthy, Iyer, Narine retained; Remaining purse INR 48 Cr

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File photo of KKR team. 

Two-time champion Kolkata Knight Riders retained four players ahead of the IPL 2022 auction. All-rounders Andre Russell and Sunil Narine were retained while Venkatesh Iyer and Varun Chakravarthy will also feature for KKR in IPL 2022. Shubman Gill, Pat Cummins, Eoin Morgan and Dinesh Karthik were not retained by Kolkata Knight Riders.

The first precursor to IPL 2022 has been ticked and the eight franchises have announced their list of retained players. The teams notified their list of retained players during the IPL 2022 Retention List that happened on Tuesday, November 30 in India. Of a total of allotted 90 crore purse to each franchisee, each team retained their decided players in accordance with the retention rule framework. 

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR Retained Players LIST) have chosen to stick with…

Players retained by Kolkata Knight Riders: 

Andre Russell (12 crore, 16 crore to be deducted from purse)

Varun Chakravarthy (8 crore, 12 crore to be deducted from purse)

Venkatesh Iyer (8 crore)

Sunil Narine (6 crore)

Reputed Players KK Released: Shubman Gill, Pat Cummins, Eoin Morgan and Dinesh Karthik

KKR’s remaining purse for IPL 2022 Auction: 48 cr

IPL 2022 Retention rules:

  • Each team is permitted to retain a maximum of four players.
  • No RTM (right to match) cards are available to franchises this time. 
  • Each existing team can retain a maximum of three Indian players, two overseas players, and two uncapped players.

Each team has a salary cap of INR 90 crore. The following is the player-wise slab based on the number of retentions made:

  • If four players: Player 1 – INR 16 Cr, Player 2 – INR 12 Cr, Player 3 – INR 8 Cr, Player 4 – INR 6Cr
  • If three players: INR 15 Cr, INR 11 Cr, INR 7 Cr
  • If two players: INR 14 Cr, INR 10 Cr
  • If one player: INR 14 Cr

Uncapped Player Retention- 4 Cr

Noteworthy points for the two new IPL teams (Ahmedabad and Lucknow) 

After the existing franchises have retained their players, the two new teams will be able to pick three players ahead of the main auction.

The two new teams are to be able to pick a maximum of two Indian players and one overseas player.

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