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Make Greeting Card at Home Using These Easy DIY Ideas

A father is our biggest hero, right from the moment we are born. Be it dropping us off to our schools every morning, secretly slipping us pocket money to buy that mango-flavoured candy we love, or cheering for us from the audience as we try to recite a poem at the school’s annual function, dads are an important part of our life. They are a daughter’s first love, a son’s first hero. And while one day in particular might be too less to celebrate him, there is still no harm in doing your best to show how much you love him.

Here are five funky ideas for a Father’s Day greeting card:

Make a paper robot

You can design a cardboard robot with a push button fashioned out of shirt buttons, paper or anything of the sort. The button should be linked to a spring, on whose other end you can attach a note which says, “Love you dad” and “the best dad in the world”. Better yet, you can add a picture of dad, with a sweet note at the bottom. Remember to conceal the card with a flap of paper over it.

A photo-wood card

Making a card at the last minute? Don’t worry, you have an option which is both classy and manageable in very less time. Take a photo and transfer its prints to wood. All you need for this are— a laser printed photo, a plank of wood cut to the same as size as the photo, gel medium, sand paper, soft wax, brush, hanging brackets and fastening brackets. Trust us, the end result is going to look stunning!

The necktie card

If your dad is an office-goer, then this card will be perfect for him. Take a piece of origami paper and fold it into the shape of a necktie, and stick a “love you dad” message on it.

Love you this much card

This is probably the simplest idea on this list, yet the amount of thoughtfulness attached to it is not less by any measure. All you need is two large cardboard cut-outs of your hand, and a multiple-folded piece of paper joining the two ‘hands’ together. On this bridge, stick another piece of paper with the words, “love you this much.”

A musical ‘love you dad’ card

There’s no better way to say something than saying it with music. Make one of those beautiful cards which play a ‘love you dad’ song as soon as you open them. It’s sure to impress the most important man in your life.

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