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Mercedes-Benz Announces New EV Strategy; Will Develop New EV With 1,000 Km Range

Mercedes-Benz has decided to go electric only and that starts next year onwards as the company plans to have at least one electric vehicle (EV) in each segment, starting 2022.

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Mercedes-Benz is planning to go full electric by 2030.

Mercedes-Benz has announced its complete transition to electric by the end of this decade. The German carmaker has decided to go electric only and that starts next year onwards as the company plans to have at least one electric vehicle (EV) in each segment, starting 2022. Then from 2025 onwards, all newly launched vehicle architectures will be electric-only and customers will be able to choose an all-electric alternative for every model. It is also developing the Vision EQXX, an electric car with a real world range of more than 1,000 kilometres, targeting a single-digit figure for Kwh per 100 kilometres at normal highway driving speeds. A multi-disciplinary team including experts from Mercedes-Benz’s F1 High Performance Powertrain division (HPP) Is working on the project and the world premiere is expected in 2022. Technological advances made with Vision EQXX will be adapted and applied for use in new electric architectures.

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Ola Kallenius, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG said, “The EV shift is picking up speed – especially in the luxury segment, where Mercedes-Benz belongs. The tipping point is getting closer and we will be ready as markets switch to electric-only by the end of this decade. This step marks a profound reallocation of capital. By managing this faster transformation while safeguarding our profitability targets, we will ensure the enduring success of Mercedes-Benz. Thanks to our highly qualified and motivated workforce, I am convinced that we will be successful in this exciting new era.”

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Mercedes-Benz will introduce one EV in every segment next year onwards.

The company is also investing over 40 Billion Euros in battery electric vehicles between 2022 and 2030. In 2025, Mercedes-Benz will launch three electric-only architectures. The MB.EA platform will cover all medium to large size passenger cars, establishing a scalable modular system for future models. Then the AMG.EA will be a dedicated performance electric vehicle platform for AMGs. And the VAN.EA platform will cater to purpose made electric vans and Light Commercial Vehicles, which will contribute to emission free transportation and cities in the future. As for the electric powertrains are concerned, Mercedes-Benz has acquired UK based electric motor company YASA to work on axial flux motor technology and expertise to develop next generation ultra-high performance motors.

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Mercedes-Benz will launch three new platforms by 2025.

The eATS 2.0 elecric motors that have been developed in house will remain in operation as well, and focus will be on efficiency and the overall cost of the entire system, including inverters and software. The carmaker will also increase the supply of EV components from China which happens to the the largest growing EV market. Mercedes-Benz will also need a battery capacity of more than 200 Gigawatt hours and plans to set up eight Gigafactories for producing cells, together with its partners around the world. This is in addition to the already planned network of nine plants dedicated to building battery systems. The company claims that next-generation batteries will be highly standardised and suitable for use in more than 90 per cent of all Mercedes-Benz cars and vans. For cell manufacturing, Mercedes-Benz is trying to team up with new European partners to develop and efficiently produce future cells and modules.


Mercedes-Benz will also introduce commercial vehicles.


Finally, Mercedes-Benz is also working on setting new standards in charging. “Plug & Charge” will allow customers to plug-in, charge and unplug without extra steps needed for authentication and payment processing. It will be launched along with the EQS later this year. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz is working with Shell on expanding the charging network. Customers will get enhanced access to Shell’s Recharge network consisting of over 30,000 charge points by 2025 in Europe, China, and North America.

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