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Ola electric car concept design image revealed: New ‘FutureFactory’ on the cards? – Times of India

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal today tweeted an image of Ola electric car hinting at the company getting into the space of electric four-wheelers. He also replied to an Ola S1 Pro customer’s post on Twitter saying that the next vehicle for his garage should be an Ola electric car, thereby hinting that Ola’s electric car might be unveiled sometime in 2023.
The company’s decision to enter the electric car space isn’t new as Bhavish Aggarwal had earlier stated that the company will work on electric four-wheelers and that their first car could be introduced in 2023. The tweet posted today has an image of a small hatchback electric car with the Ola logo at the front.
The design of the car in the image looks quite futuristic with an extended windshield, light strip, rear haunches and large wheels. This is one of the concept designs that the company has developed for the car so this image might not be indicative of the vehicle’s final look. Also, it should be noted that the design shown in the image would beinsanely expensiveto produce as providing enough structural reinforcement to compensate for the Day Light Opening (DLO) area will add to the cost.
That said, the work is already underway and the car is in the concept design phase right now. As the design advances to production phase we can expect to get a better look at the final and production look of the car.
Once the design is firmed up we expect the company to set up a new FutureFactory for electric four-wheelers. Ola’s current ‘FutureFactory’ has been set up for manufacturing electric two-wheelers and expanding production to four-wheelers will most likely involve the establishment of a new plant although the company is yet to make an official statement regarding the same.

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