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On Day for Peace and Non-violence, Learn 5 Ways to Manage Your Anger

International Day of Peace, as the name suggests, is marked to promote and strengthen the idea of peace. It is observed on September 21 and as a part of this day 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire is observed across the world. This year the theme has been finalised as ‘Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world.’  The United Nations General Assembly had established the International Day of Peace back in 1981 but the proposal to designate an entire day for observing non-violence and cease-fire was unanimously voted for in 2001.

Here is a list of things that you can practice to manage your own inner peace and control anger:


Anger releases a gush of energy, and one of the most effective ways to utilise it is certainly working out or doing some stretching. This will not only calm you down but will also help you burn some calories and enhance fitness. It is scientifically proven that aerobic activity reduces stress. So, next time when you are angry make sure you hit the gym or go for a jog in the park.

Deep breathing

This cliche method of calming down continues to be effective irrespective of all the theories attached to it. When you are angry your breaths get impacted, so in order to regain control, you can do some basic breathing exercises. This will help you in cooling down and regaining your composure.


Try diverting your mind by watching a feel-good movie or by reading something that will help you feel better. If you like cooking, dancing, singing among other things then you can try that too. Any hobby or activity that you are interested in can help you cool down.

Talk to a friend or loved one

Sharing is the most effective way of easing bottled-up emotions. Whenever you feel angry or frustrated, call up a friend or loved one and talk to them till you feel lighter. This will help also you reason out your anger.


If you have been facing repeated anger issues, then you should seek professional help. You will know how to handle your emotions better. Through this approach, you may also be able to identify the triggers.

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