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‘One year on, kaftans are still popular’

Athleisure and transitional clothing continue to fill up Amazon shopping carts, while colours turn bold and bright

The pandemic and work-from-home lifestyle have cemented the appeal of dressing for comfort. “Transitional attire that seamlessly go across seasons and occasions remains the focal point as people opt for easy, breathable styles,” says Saurabh Srivastava, Director & Head – Amazon Fashion India, adding that fabrics such as linen, cotton and knitwear are popular now. Meanwhile, in beauty, there is an “emergence of joyful colours” — think yellows, blues, and pinks. “Customers are also mindful about product ingredients and formulations. With people spending more time and research on their beauty routines, there has been a distinct rise in the adoption of natural, organic, and plant-based skincare and haircare, as well as natural make-up products,” he shares. Srivastava on trends and sales:

How have shopping habits changed in the last year?

We have consistently witnessed a shift in buying behaviour. Fashion styles like athleisure and relaxed casual wear have gained momentum. People are opting for easy and breathable styles that can quickly transition from household chores to work video calls. With respect to the beauty category, the eye category saw maximum acceleration and the lips category has started picking up with demand for transfer-proof and matte lipsticks growing. We have also observed customers experimenting with DIYs and using professional beauty products at home.

Saurabh Srivastava, Director & Head – Amazon Fashion India

Could you throw light on some of the wardrobe changes you’ve seen?

With the rise of work-from-home culture arose the need for smart, waist-up fashion and it is here to stay even as the country gradually unlocks. Presently, while athleisure and comfort wear — which saw a massive spike for men, women and kids — will continue to take precedence, we are witnessing a slight shift as well. There’s a growing demand for products like women’s western wear among our Gen Z customer base, while sportswear, ethnic, kid’s apparel, and women’s shoes are more favoured by millennials.

Athleisure: An amalgamation of active-wear and leisure that took on the fashion world last year and is still going strong.

Relaxed silhouettes: From T-shirts, shirts and tops, to dresses and bottom-wear, this roomier trend matches the growing demand for relaxed fits over the past year.

‘One year on, kaftans are still popular’

Breezy dresses: Designs such as kaftans and maxi dresses are the perfect blend of style and comfort, with customers opting for bold colours and tropical prints.

What is Amazon’s USP when it comes to big sales?

Amazon’s key pillars are selection, convenience, value for money, and safe delivery, which stays the same throughout the year and sales are no different for us. Amazon Fashion’s Wardrobe Refresh Sale will offer shoppers 1,000+ top fashion brands [from Levi’s and Adidas, to Hopscotch and BIBA], deals across 12 lakh+ beauty products, and 10,000+ luxury beauty selections [Lakmé, Maybelline, Kama Ayurveda, and Paco Rabanne, among others]. Technological features like ‘Virtual Try On’ (VTO), ‘Outfit Builder’, and ‘Style Snap’ will also ensure that our customers make well-informed purchase decisions.

Wardrobe Refresh Sale is on till June 23, on

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