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Opinion | Life Of A PC: Why Storage Is The Deal Maker Or Breaker

Remember the time when we as kids played all sorts of games with our friends in the alleyway behind the house. Then came the moment when a lot of these obstacle-based games transited into video games and all we had to do was either fight the sinister dragon or slay the monster in our effort to win the princess. As we tried to protect the princess, we navigated through many hurdles. If I am to draw a parallel, the life of a personal computer (PC) is no less than that of a video game. About 45% of PC users spend more than five hours every day, reveals a study commissioned by Western Digital called, ‘PC Health and Usage – India’. What this means is that as we spend more time on our PCs working, it is imperative to keep a check on our PC’s health. Hence, we the user must navigate the maze of work and save our computers whether desktop and laptop from any performance related issues.

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Interestingly, the report suggests that 35.3% of PC users face battery performance-related issues as it drains up quickly, followed by another 34.4% of users complaining about the long time their system takes to boot. Besides, users continue to face several other problems such as lag in the opening of applications, heating, apart from installing and uninstalling applications, among others. So, the question is how to resolve these performance issues, as our time spent on PCs continues to rise. Though SSDs have replaced HDDs in most high-end PCs today, approximately four in five PCs are still running on HDDs in India. It is therefore important that users upgrade their PCs with SSDs, in order to minimise their system from slowing down. What is to be noted is that a switch to SSD will ensure an increase in overall efficiency. With the same system configurations, an SSD saves more than 650 seconds on a daily basis on an Intel i3 powered desktop and over 500 seconds on an Intel i5 based desktop.

A storage device can help us in a lot of ways to become efficient. Case in point, the study indicates that using SSD storage services fastens the task of creating video and graphic content up to 4.2x. In fact, data from the report suggests that an SSD storage device allows users to save up to 3x time on everyday chores.

And that’s the story of laptop users. When it comes to desktops, an upgrade to SSDs enhances overall performance by up to 80%3. For users who are looking to migrate from an existing HDD type to a SATA SSD, the performance of a desktop increases by 58%.

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Waiting for things to happen can significantly reduce once the switch is made from HDD to SSD. In fact, SSD also helps in enhancing battery life, which is a critical component especially at a time when users are spending long hours on PCs. As per the report, most users find that poor battery performance substantially reduces the life of a laptop. However, once the switch is made, the battery usually lasts 2x on a SATA SSD vs HDD. Users get the power of two charges of HDD storage laptop in a single charge of a SATA SSD.

You just need the right drive to make most of your life! After all, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which thereby guarantees better performance.

By Jaganathan Chelliah, Senior Director- Marketing – India, Middle East and Africa, Western Digital.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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