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Performing These 5 Household Chores Can Reduce Risk of Dementia

Every year millions of elderly people across the world are diagnosed with Dementia. It is a chronic mental health condition that describes a group of symptoms affecting thinking, memory, and social abilities that can severely affect an individual’s day-to-day life. Unfortunately, there is no specific way to control it from evolving, neither can it be treated. However, experts claimed that it can be managed with the help of therapies and medications.

According to a Times of India report, studies show that staying active just by performing minimal household work can cut down the chances of dementia later in life.

A study revealed that if regular activities like cleaning and gardening are performed regularly, then it can reduce the risk and even make it manageable. Surprisingly, people who engaged in household chores regularly had greater brain volume as compared to those who engaged in strenuous physical exercise.

The study published in the journal Neurology mentioned 5 household chores that are beneficial for people suffering from dementia.


The research shows cleaning and mental health are strongly associated with each other. The activity is meditative and helps in reducing anxiety, stress, and many depressive symptoms. It works great in improving one’s concentration level and also lifts mood, which is an area of concern for people suffering from dementia.


Research shows messed-up homes or spaces can worsen the symptoms of depression. It also leads to stress, confusion, and decreased focus. Keeping your place tidy can help increase focus on work and also leads to lessening your mood swings.


Besides being a random household task, cooking is considered a brain-stimulating activity. It helps strengthen the frontal lobes of the brain and its functioning. While cooking as one pays attention to the recipe, it results in improving brain functioning.


It is a well-established fact that spending time in nature helps in rejuvenating one’s mind, body, and soul. Gardening will help you reduce your stress level. Other than gardening, spending time in the Sun can also make you feel calm and it will lift your mood.

Heavy household chores

The study suggests regular heavy load household work like washing dishes, mopping, and doing laundry can have a positive impact on mental health. People suffering from joint issues should avoid engaging in work like this as it may lead to fracture.

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