Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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True story, imaginary film

‘If we are making a high-budget pretend movie, and we need a crackling script for it, who do we go to?’Every time this...

Dialogue With Dr Funky

There are days when deep-diving into His Divine Wiseness, Dr Funky Astral Kumar’s life-saving quotes alone doesn’t do it for me. I need...

Ban the ban

Humour | Could online gaming actually make kids smarter? Source link

The next hit web series

Since our most committed relationships of late have been with web series through the lockdown, surely we’re experts at what makes one now?...

Bald, the new black

Hollywood knows it, Japan too. Guess we Indians didn’t get the memo? Source link

A New Year vote for happy hormones

2021 will hopefully help us forget the horrors of last year and accept the challenges of the days in waiting Last week, we...

Here is a list of books that take you on the route to wellness

The Age of Pandemics 1817-1920: How They Shaped India and the WorldBy Chinmay Tumbe, Harper Collins Eight months ago when his eight-year-old son asked...

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