Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Video | Omicron: The ‘Mild’ Misnomer?

The virus is still out there, strong and invisible. But there is something even more deadly than the virus and its variants – misinformation. Somehow, internationally, a message seems to have gone out to people that this new variant is mild, and it does not harm as much as the previous variants did. What is being cited are low deaths and low hospitalisations compared to the second wave. This is the worst thing that anyone can do, stating incomplete facts. The truth is as follows – no qualified doctor will ever conclude that the virus and its variant is mild, people who are falling ill are complaining of severe symptoms. Also, we are still completely unaware of the symptoms and impact of these variants on long Covid, what it will do to our body in the long term. So, on the Big Fight tonight, the big fight will be against misinformation, against the virus and its variants, and against this dangerous theory that this variant is mild. The ‘mild’ misnomer, challenged on the show tonight.

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