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Why Does Shane Warne Remain Active on Tinder to Date?

Former Australia leg-spinner Shane Warne has not dodged any controversy in his life. The stellar career of the cricketer has been punctuated by a string of embarrassing scandals.The 51-year-old has a reputation to be a ladies’ man and, less surprisingly, continues to have an active profile on the dating app, Tinder. Close friends of the former spin wizard maintain that despite reaching middle age, the cricketer refuses to give up his womanising ways.

Lawrence Mooney, one of Warne’s former drinking friends, recently spilled some beans about why the cricket icon is considered a ladies’ man by the sporting fraternity. The Triple M Sydney radio host described a night from back in 2018, on Tuesday. Recalling his experiences partying with his friend, Lawrence said, “Warnie was on the phone the whole time and then he was like, “Hey guys, I’m going.” He chuckled, “His life is Tinder, beers, darts, gambling and cricket. Those five things, that’s it.”

The Moonman in the Morning presenter had spoken to Warne’s teammates in the past. When finding more about his reputation, he learned that the cricketer would exit parties early to meet up with women. He said, “The next thing he wants to do is… he doesn’t want to go to bed alone.” One of the greatest bowlers in the history, Warne has confessed to being a prolific Tinder user.

Throughout his cricket career, the iconic leg-spinner was involved in multiple sexting scandals dating back to 2000, Warne sexted a British nurse after which he was stripped off his vice-captaincy. He was married to former model Simone Callahan. Throughout the marriage, Warne faced many such incidents. They divorced in 2005 after allegations that he was cheating. In 2007, they got together to split again after the cricketer accidently sent Simone a text meant for another woman. His next relationship was a high-profile romance with actress Liz Hurley. Their engagement lasted three years and ended in 2013.

Warne landed in more trouble in 2015 when he matched with a single mother named Kim McGrath. The next year, he enjoyed a tryst with a 24-year-old whom he reportedly met on a sugar daddy website.

In 2016, Warne was busted for attempting to arrange a ‘naughty nightcap’ on text with Melbourne socialite Brynne Edelsten. She released a series of text messages, in one of which he asked her, “Excited for me to devour you?”

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